Monday, August 23, 2004 Coordinating with the Kerry Campaign?

This weekend saw the Kerry campaign, obviously panicked by the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth advertisements, claiming that this veteran’s group was illegally coordinating with the Bush campaign. They went so far today as to file a complaint with the FEC over the matter, despite having produced ‘zero’ evidence of such collaboration. They have also called for the president to denounce the Swiftboat ads, despite the fact that the Swiftboat group has spent only $800,000 compared to the nearly $20 million spend by George Soros funded I guess the Swiftboat ads have hit a raw nerve in the Kerry camp.

In addition, the Kerry campaign tried to say, “Gotcha” over reports this weekend that the White House had dismissed an advisor on veterans affairs when they learned he was associated with the Swiftboat group. However, there is more to this story:

One of the Kerry advisors has been, and apparently still is involved with Read more about it here: American Spectator

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