Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Left Exposed

Dan Rather, long time news anchor of CBS News, announced this last week that he would be stepping down this spring. Rather, who did everything he could to help defeat George Bush's re-election efforts, including run a poorly researched story based on forged documents, put the final nail in the coffin of the traditional news media. Our colleagues in the Blogosphere that exposed this latest blatant effort by the Old Media (OM) to influence the elections to the left, shows that the internet and Bloggers specifically are the hammer that drove that nail. Were it not for Bloggers, the sham story run by Rather and CBS would likely never have been challenged, and could have influenced the outcome of the election.

In the days before blogging, no one really understood how far leftward the OM actually was, and now we know that they have always been so. We all foolishly assumed that we were being told the truth about the world, when in fact the truth was so often lost in the partisan efforts of the OM political goals. Because of this episode, we can never again trust the OM, or any single media source as a source of "truth".

How would the Vietnam war been percieved by the American people and the world if the internet and Bloggers had existed during that conflict? How many millions of innocent Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotian people died because America lost her stomach for finishing the war we were winning militarily? If the daily television reports by the OM had actually shown balance, instead of bias, perhaps we could have seen what was sure to happen to those innocent people in the killing fields of Cambodia.

The OM portrayed the Tet Offensive of 1968 as a big victory for the North Vietnamese, when in fact it was a decisive win for our side. How many of our service men and women died because of emboldened Viet Cong and NVA regulars that knew they had allies in the news rooms in New York and Washington? Because of the OM and their anti-war bias tainted every single report from Vietnam to show that we were losing when we were actually winning, they are directly responsible for the catastrophic results of our early withdrawl from the Vietnan war.

Even "the most trusted man in America", Walter Cronkite, has admitted that most of the OM is biased toward the left. The left now complains about Fox News, and mocks their tag line of "fair and balanced" as being anything but. What Fox News and the Blogosphere have taught us is that all media sources have a point of view. The OM tried for decades to portray themselves as unbiased and a reliable source of truth. We know now, and Dan Rather put a fine point on the fact that the OM is very biased to the left, politically, and we at the Lost Tooth Society, as well as the world in general need to review history with a cold new dose of skepticism.

But the situation is even more grave than a simple review of history. While we conservatives were going about our lives, the partisans of the left have spent at least the last six decades infiltrating and taking control of our school systems and universities, our courts, the film industry, and as we have been discussing here, the news media. While we weren't looking, the left has been working quietly, but doggedly to gain control of 'thought'.

They seek to further their agenda first through controlling perception of our daily lives and the goings on of life. Second, they seek to control and mold the thought processes of our children through control of how history is written, and through control of what is taught in primary, secondary, and higher education. Third, they seek control of the democratic process by controlling the legal system and the courts, which in turn control how votes are cast and counted. And fourth, they have worked steadily to, at a minimum severely reduce, and ultimately eliminate religion and religious observances from society. (Note how we no longer have "Easter Break", or "Christmas Break", it's Spring and Winter Break, and Thanksgiving is now a secular holiday.)

By controlling these four aspects of our world, information, knowledge, the courts, and religion, they hope to influence the will of the people as excercised through the democratic process.

It is very clear now that conservatives have lots and lots of catching up to do. We need to take back these institutions, despite the obvious and very large head start on the part of the left. Fortunately, We the People are smarter than the left have always believed we are and counted on. By the democratic vote of the people, conservatives control two of the three branches of government, and actually extended that control in the last election, and this fact is especially troublesome for the left.

The left's reaction to their electoral defeat has exposed their now obvious elitism and condescension to the average working-class American, and their hatred of traditional values. They are in such a fit over the elections that they have, just like Dan Rather in "Memogate", tipped their hand and revealed how much they truely despise the masses and how desparately they want to "Lord" over the very people they purport to want to help the most: average Americans. Why any union or ordinary working man or woman, or anyone with any religious faith at all would support the Democrats is beyond our ability to understand.

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