Thursday, July 14, 2005

Global Warming & G8

Philip Stott writes today in today's Spiked about the failure of the G8 conference in Gleneagles, Scotland to address global warming in a way that could be viewed as a victory for greens.

Mr. Stott's analysis is very interesting and discusses how the issue is viewed in Europe, and how much "faith" is involved in being a "believer".

An exerpt:

"Despite all the hype, where 'global warming' is concerned, the Greens have failed to force their paranoid religion on to the world. Like many Europeans, most Canadians are happy to talk 'green', while they continue to promote a profligate and hedonistic lifestyle that would make even George Bush blush beneath his Texan hat. In yuppie Yaletown and gaudy Gastown, patio heaters spring up like salmonberries. Canadian suburbs should be renamed the SUVurbs, while Canadian drivers idle with the best."

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