Friday, June 02, 2006

Low post rate

Apologies to my regular readers for the low post rate lately. I had a nice vacation, and have been laying low since just because I needed a break. But I am soon to begin posting again, especially with a special election looming next Tuesday here in California.

Some other potenial post subject I have been formulating in my mind are:

  • Why do movie and music stars think anyone care what they think about politics?
  • The American people's dissatisfaction with the two major political parties.
  • Exposing how, despite the best efforts of the Left and the MSM, the economy and tax revenues are booming as a result of the Bush tax cuts, and how the rich are paying more taxes than ever.
  • Lamenting the high spending rate of government (see item two above)
Those are just a few ideas. I post when I can, but try to post meaningful, researched, thinking.

Please stop by again soon!

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