Thursday, October 14, 2004

45 Million Uninsured?

Norm Weatherby posted yesterday on his site Quantum Thought-A Palette for Thinking about John Kerry and the Democratic spin machine's recent statements regarding the US Census Bureau's reporting that there are 45 million American's without health insurance.

Here is what he wrote:

45 Million Uninsured? In A Pig's Eye. Notice how Kerry/Edwards and the liberal media are flashing on the Census Bureau figures of "45 million uninsured Americans"?

There's only one little problem: It's a bold faced lie!

Consider that the Census Bureau admits that their figures include people who were between jobs and had no insurance for as little as one day! The average time was less than a week...and the Census Bureau counts them as not having insurance for the whole year! This figure of "transient unemployed" is 20 million. Counting them is an insult to our intelligence...something the government has practiced to perfection.

OK...45-20 million is 25 million.

Next consider that included in these Census figures is a figure that allows for "undocumented residents" (That's illegal immigrants folks, criminals.) Get that? Twelve million illegals don't have health insurance and that's supposed to be Bush's fault right? What kind of funny tobacco these people smoking? I biggest they return to their legal countries to obtain health care. Don't clog our statistics tables with their illegal presence.

25 million minus 12 million leaves 13 million US citizens without "Health Insurance".

Guess what folks? It's estimated that 6 million of these people actually qualify for Medicaid, various State medical programs and free county hospital plans like Dallas Parkland Hospital. The federal government has been trying to find ways to let these people know of this care availability and sign them up. So who's to blame because these people who are too lazy or stupid to sign up? This is like blaming me because some otherwise able bodied dolt is too stupid to put food in his mouth and starves to death.

13 minus 6 leaves....7 million.

7 million that have no " Health Insurance"...but guess what again? It's estimated that 60% of these people are in the upper income brackets and choose to be self -insuring or just don't want health insurance even though they can afford it. (Talk to a health insurance agent about this one. He sees it every day.)

That leaves 2.8 million people, too poor to afford health insurance and need ... what? Health insurance? Why health insurance? These people can just walk into any Emergency room in any hospital in the nation and all the care is free. That fact is posted conspicuously on the wall of every ER by Federal law! Or didn't you know that?

So when you hear Kerry /Edwards or other liberal cycloids quoting the 45 million figure understand that they figure you are to stupid or uncaring to search out and learn the real situation. That's someone you want for President?

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Anonymous said...

And if everyone in the country has health insurance, it will dilute the "value" in terms of offering it as an employee benefit, so more employers will stop offering it. And more will be covered under the "Kerry Plan" which will undoubtedly be more on the side of public health care than private. Another slippery slope!