Wednesday, October 27, 2004

So, Senator Kerry, was Iraq a Threat or Not?

We can't figure out John Kerry. For several weeks now, he has been saying that Iraq was a "diversion" from the War on Terror, and was not an imminent threat, but now with the FALSE report (as outlined on this site previously) of missing high explosives he has been saying that Bush was guilty of gross incompetence for not securing these explosives, and they may have fallen into the hands of—terrorists! So which is it today, Mr. Flip-Flopping Kerry, was Iraq a threat, or not?

Here is another article showing the true gross incompetence: John Kerry.

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gblagg said...

Ooooh, do I smell a fellow libertarian? I have to say I sure am glad we have only 5 days left to the election...I don't know if I could survive any more of his nuance. I'd like to ask him, "If the weapons were there, do you think maybe Sadam moved them out during the 14 month 'rush to war'?"