Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bush Lied! (Not!)

The Left's lies that the president and his administration "lied" about prewar intelligence on Iraq are beginning to unravel. Oh, how they wish the internet and bloggers didn't exist! All you need to do is "Google" the subject and you'll find page after page of clear and compelling evidence that virtually EVERYONE who had even tangential access to intelligence agreed prior to the Iraq war that Iraq was a threat, had and continued to pursue the acquisition and/or development of WMD's, and that regime change in Iraq was in the US, the Iraqi people's, and the world's best interests.

JunkYardBlog, guest-blogging on Michelle Malkin's blog, created the great graphic above to illustrate the search, and you can use this link to see the real search on Google.

You can see for yourself how clear the lies of the left are on this subject, but for reference here are some of my favorite examples:

President Bill Clinton's official statement at the signing of the "Iraq Liberation Act of 1998".

Sentor Hillary Clinton's Senate floor speech regarding the authorization for war in 2002.

Senator Carl Levin's floor speech in 1998 regarding Iraq and the threat of thir use of WMD's.

President Bill Clinton's speech to the nation in December, 1998 regarding the US-UK airstrikes on Iraq.

Mark Levin's NRO piece in July, 2003 regarding Iraq, President Clinton, the 1998 bombings, and WMD's.

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