Tuesday, November 01, 2005

California Proposition 73: Parental Notification PRIOR to Abortion

is another ballot measure that Californians will be voting on next Tuesday. If passed, this proposition would amend the California constitution to require doctors to notify an "unemancipated minor's" parents at least 48 hours before performing an abortion on that minor. Notification is the only requirement; this measure does not require the doctor to obtain the minor's parent's permission for the abortion to take place.

This proposition was the most difficult for me to come to a decision on, but as a libertarian-leaning Republican, I have to err on the side of less government and urge a NO vote on Prop 73. On the one hand, I strongly support the right of parents to make decisions——especially a decision as important as ending a pregnancy—for their minor children. On the other, I don't like government getting too involved in healthcare and decisions that rightfully belong to individuals and their doctors alone.

I am confident that those who are strongly in favor of Prop 73 are probably the ones who least need its protection, as they likely have family relationships that have an excellent support system. However, there are many families who do not have healthy relationships between parents and children, and THEY are much more likely to need protection from the potentially violent reaction of parents upon learning that their daughter seeks an abortion.

I also understand the strong feelings on both sides of the abortion debate, and have . The upcoming debate over the nomination of appellate judge Alito to the US Supreme Court will further highlight this debate, and I will post again on this very important and yet very personal debate.

Until then, I strongly urge a NO vote on Prop 73.

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