Thursday, November 17, 2005

Opinion Polls on How the Bush Administration is Handling the War in Iraq

So you've been listening to the MSM and the Left say that Iraq "posed no threat", or "had no WMD's", or maybe that "Bush Lied" about the pre-war intelligence to launch this 'illegal" war. Reading the polls, it seems like you're not alone.

63% of those polled disapproves of the way the war is being handled. But you also have to look at the question that was asked to gain the answer many gave: "Do you approve or disapprove of the way George W. Bush is handling the situation in Iraq?" That was the question posed by a recent . While I support the war, and continue to do so, but the way that question was formed, I might answer "disapprove". I wish the president would be MORE aggressive in dealing with the insurgents, and root them out. I suspect that a fair percentage of those polled agree with my view.

What's your's?

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