Saturday, September 11, 2004

Remembering 9/11

We note with sadness today the 3rd anniversary of the attacks of September 11th. It was a day that forever changed America and the world. A sad and tragic day that we all witnessed the very worst of human behavior and the very best. Widows, widowers, and heros were made that day, as well as cowards and thugs. Thousands of children lost their parents, and thousands of parents lost their children. Husbands lost their wives, and wives lost their husbands. Girlfriends lost their boyfriends, and boyfriends lost their girlfriends. America lost her innocence, and those behind the attacks would soon lose their safe havens.

But amidst the rubble and ruins of human beings and buildings, the human spirit rose to new heights. People who just hours before did not know each other were hugging and crying together in their grief. Fire and police officers, as well as other emergency workers, set aside their own personal safety to help others. Ordinary citizens helped in any way their could. Despite the enormity of the situation, and despite the way Hollywood has traditionally portrayed how people react to disasters, people didn't panic, at least for the most part.

September 11th also saw the first real counter-attack in the War on Terror. Those brave citizens aboard Flight 93 fought back. They knew the fate of the first three planes from using their cell phones, and were not about to let their plane hit the Capitol, or the Whitehouse, or whatever their target. So they fought back they way Americans have always done; they volunteered to take on the terrorists. They were the first American militia of the 21st century.

The American flag has flown continuously over the LTS Building since September 11th, and will continue to fly overhead until this war is finally over. It may be years, or even decades, but for the sake of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice on September 11th and since, we cannot—we will not—give up until we have rooted out all those who hate freedom.

In the words of Golda Meir, "When they love their children more than they hate us we will have peace."

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