Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Where is the Outcry about Haiti?

Reports from Haiti today lists the death toll from tropical storm Jeanne at over 660 people, and at least 1,000 missing. Where, we wonder, is the outcry from the left over this horrendous loss of life? Why are they silent over this trajedy? To be honest, there has been no outcry from the right, either, but we would have thought that the left would have been much more concerned over this calamity, these 660 deaths, and probably many more to come, in just these few days.

Maybe they are only concerned over war deaths, as they see them as preventable. But couldn't many of these been prevented? Much worse storms hit nearby islands and even the USA without this terrible death toll. Perhaps it was the fact the that country was ill-prepared aftern having been run for so long by a socialist dictator that should have been toppled long ago. But that would have meant war, and we know how the left feels about the USA going to war to topple left-wing, socialist dictators.

Read about the disaster here.

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